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International Trade

International Trade

Working with the “IRAC” principle on issues and matters. “Issues, Rules, Application, Conclusion”

Workshops for INCO terms and how they apply with international vehicle purchases and sales.

Workshops for various risks with shipping insurance and shipping compliance.

Any other workshops that participants request for engagement.

Warnings provided on questionable dealers/traders whom act in a non-ethical code.


  • If purchasing motor vehicles from Canada or USA, request seller’s dealer license copy.
    If no dealer license is available then have the seller supply the DMV exemption legislation from their jurisdiction of business.
  • Supply a deposit to have the vehicle delivered to a mutually agreed shipping warehouse.
  • Once vehicle is confirmed delivered, request vehicle photos and vehicle title copy.
  • Avoid risks with prepayment of a vehicle purchase.
  • Sellers may request payment prior to releasing a vehicle, to avoid non-payment.
  • Buyers and Sellers provide history of their businesses and referrals when requested.
  • Get know each other and the vehicle being purchased with your own best possible research to avoid risks of non-delivery, non-payment or purchasing a stolen vehicle.